Mass MVMNT meaning

What is Mass MVMNT?

What’s in a name? Like naming your child, naming your business is an important and daunting task. It’s not just a moniker you slap on willy nilly; the name carries meaning, and needs to stand the test of time. Initially, each of the names we came up with didn’t fully embrace the vision and scope of my new business. Some names were too hard core, others too soft. We wanted a name that was inclusive of the entire community we would soon build here, as well as the mission of the business, which was to promote elite fitness, health, and wellness to the masses. We wanted to build the best gym in Hingham, one that builds strong bodies, strong minds, strong spirits, and all this in the context of a strong, supportive community. At our core, we have a ‘strength is for everyone’ mentality. So whether you are a 20 something year old looking to get jacked, or a 70 year old wanting to build and maintain strength for long term health, we got you! Then one day it hit me. Mass MVMNT. It immediately felt right!

What does Mass MVMNT really mean? Well, many things. ‘Mass’ relates to the barbells, kettlebells, sandbags, and weights we move on a daily basis. It also refers to our body mass. It is bad-ass to move your body mass with ease, power, and speed! Mass MVMNT is also a call-out to the State of Massachusetts where we’re located. ‘MVMNT’ is the word movement without the vowels and refers to not only the act of moving one’s body but also the moving forward, developing, and getting ahead of your health at any age, from any condition.

I started this business with the intention of having a direct positive impact on the health and well-being of our local community. We are a diverse population of people brought together with common interests in becoming better, healthier versions of ourselves. As a community, we model this progression together as we all make health and fitness gains en masse! We have started a movement. The Movement is taking action toward a healthier future, and believing that tremendous progress is not only possible at any age, but it is essential, necessary, and even enjoyable. At Mass MVMNT we embody the concept that healthcare starts with taking responsibility now. Mass MVMNT is about empowering ourselves today to move well, eat well, sleep well, breath well, and think well.

Although people often spell it wrong, Google figured it out. Whether you search for “Mass MVMNT”, “Mass MVMT”, “Mass Movement”, or “Movement Fitness” you will find us. We are a community of people dedicated to moving toward complete wellness now.

Come see why we stand out among the other gyms on the South Shore in MA. For a better future, and lots of new friends, join the MVMNT.

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